IT Security

Our digital world is dynamic, complex and continually evolving. So are the security threats associated with conducting business and interacting with the world online.

Cyber-attacks abound in the digital age. The financial and reputational damage caused by Cyber-attacks – data loss and downtime – can have a huge, even devastating impact.

But as you explore new ways of doing business, you need to balance risk with innovation. Your security strategy needs to be robust, multi-layered and able to evolve to keep you up to date with the risks that you face.

Al Mana Computer Services (ACS) works with the industry leaders to help you transform your network to be both the sensor and the enforcer of your security strategy. We bring end-to-end know-how of information security, across Datacenter, LANs, Wi-Fi, Application, and the cloud to help you ensure the good guys are let in and the bad guys kept out.

You’ll be able to shield your most precious asset, data, in ways that will allow you to risk less and achieve more.

ACS offers:

  • Datacenter Security
  • Network Security
  • Systems & Application security
  • Endpoint Security & User Protection
  • Cyber security

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